Kevin Conroy Says He Nor Mark Hamill Have Been Offered The Killing Joke


Kevin Conroy who’s the best known voice actor for voicing Batman in animated cartoons, movies and the Batman: Arkham video games, confirmed during his panel at The Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa, that neither himself nor Mark Hamill, who’s also the best known voice actor for voicing The Joker, have been offered the roles for the animated The Killing Joke film as of yet.

This news comes after conflicting reports from a few weeks ago, stating that at least Hamill was already onboard for the animated film. The Killing Joke animated film is set to be released sometime next year.

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  • My Brother Jas Is Dead

    I hope they come back.

  • Newmantoplease

    That’s disrespectful as hell, how are you gonna just walk past the two guys who created the definitive versions of both Batman and Joker? Smh I pray to god they’re not giving this to that stupid new Batman voice actor, Jason something…….. GET BACK THE ORIGINAL TEAM!