Laura Benanti Who Plays Alura Zor-El Talks Supergirl’s Outfit


Michael Ausiello of TV Line was able to get some exclusive information from Laura Benanti who plays Supergirl’s real mother Alura Zor-El in the Supergirl television series airing this upcoming Fall on CBS. She gives insight on how much we’ll see of her and Supergirl’s outfit.

Ausiello: Nashville‘s Laura Benanti, who plays Kara’s Krypton mom Alura Zor-El, acknowledges that she can’t spill the superbeans, but offers this tantalizing bit: “You’ll see me in flashbacks, you’ll see me in hologram and then you’ll see me in one other capacity, which I can’t tell you [about] — but it is the thing that makes me the most excited and is why I wanted to do the show.” BONUS SPOILER:Benanti add that Kara’s Supergirl outfit is based on the long, blue gown Alura wears in the trailer. “I have the same belt that she has and the S — which is our family crest, it actually doesn’t stand for ‘super’ — in the top,” she says, laughing. “It’s very ‘hot Yoda.’”

Very cool information to know.


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