The Joker Fan Art that Fans are Confusing to the Comics


Diego Olortegui who a very talented artist from Peru, less than 24 hours ago shared a drawing on DeviantArt that he drew of The Joker in a New 52 comic book style, mixed with the one set look we saw of Jared Leto’s Joker, from the other night’s shoot of Suicide Squad.

Sometime from that moment, until right now as I’m writing this article, someone took the photo, cropped it (in hand removing Diego’s signature) and placed a photo of Leto’s Joker next to it. With that simple doing it, the image spread like wild fire as being an original piece from the comics by some.

Since then defenders of Leto’s Joker appearance in Suicide Squad have been using the art as “proof” that he looks exactly like The Joker from the comics, tattoos and all, as that been a heated debate within the comic book community.

There’s many things wrong with that though, first it’s false information that’s being spread and second someone who created an awesome piece of art isn’t getting the recognition they deserve.

Hence why I decided to write this quick article about it, hopefully people read this and make sure to reshare Diego Olortegui’s art, which the original drawing can be found below:

Suicide Squad – Joker by DiegoOlortegui on DeviantArt

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  • Eobard Thawne

    Bloody amazing fan art though.

    I agree people shouldn’t use it to mislead, but, honestly, if it’s to shut up the prejudice people who are using his look to judge his appearance- look how that turned out for Heath Ledger- and ignoring how amazing his mannerisms were in those leaked videos etc, I’m all for a little bit of white lying.

  • Victor Stone

    I hope he will make drawings/illustrations of the suicide squad as well

  • Harley Qretina

    I KNEW IT! I FUCKING KNEW IT. suck it bitches