Look to the Sky: Documentary – Trailer


Because superheroes are not just fictional characters.

In our fandom we encounter heroes on a piece of paper or movie screen with stories that not only captivate us, but inspire us to be better. Everyday we see the power this symbols have in our lives, in our friends lives… But what happens when those stories are real? When we can measure the impact of these icons in real, everyday people?

The Rising Heroes project happens.

From the people who brought us Legends of the Knight comes this uplifting documentary to show us the work of our heroes:

Look to the Sky: A film about the hope the Man of Steel brings to the planet Earth.

Support this cause and many others a Supermanisreal.com.
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I'm a Law student from Portugal, Europe. I love Books, Movies, TV Shows, Games, Comic Books, any kind of a good story really!

On superhero mythology my focus is on DC and their amazing roster of complex characters, who I feel can truly represent the best (and worst) of humanity. The symbolism and the strong, dramatic stories, with actual consequences, are what holds me to DC Comics' Movies. But don't be fooled, I'm a Marvel fan too.

If I had to pick one comic book character it would be Superman!
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