Looks Like Wonder Woman Will Take Place in World War I


Wonder_Woman_Set01After many months of speculations and rumors, it’s looking like a safe beat, going by Chris Pine and Saïd Taghmaoui’s attire in the first on-set photos, that Wonder Woman will at one point, take place during World War I.

The biggest give away is the style of puttees Chris Pine is wearing (the fabric wrapped around his legs), which is something that the Military wore during World War I and not so much during World War II, at least according to Wikipedia:

Puttees generally ceased to be worn as part of military uniform during World War II.

Also according to any photo you can find from World War I vs. World War II, the style of leggings were different for the US Military:

World War I (left) and World War II (right)

Now the rumor of Wonder Woman possibly taking place during World War I, started when then director Michelle MacLaren left the project. According to a rumor by Birthmoviesdeath.com, MacLaren’s departure was over disagreements, one being about the time period the film should take place in:

 I was telling you that one of the fights with MacLaren was about time period – Zack Snyder wanted the movie to be set in the Crimean War, while MacLaren wanted WWI.

For whatever reason, the World War I portion of the rumor stuck with the fandom than the Crimean War. Along with of course World War II, due to the original Wonder Woman origin story in the comics.

As evidence when the Wonder Woman concept art was shown at San Diego Comic Con, many fans who attended swore the art shown at the Warner Bro. panel was from World War II, while other swore it was from World War I.

Looks like the latter won that debate. But then again, it’s also possible Wonder Woman can also take place in both World War I and World War II, among other time periods.

If the rumor is true about MacLaren wanting World War I though, it could very well be possible that the screenplay writer Jason Fuchs went that route with the story. As MacLaren was on the project for about 5 months before she left, leaving now director Patty Jenkins having to continue with the same timeline. As screenplay writer Jason Fuchs, from what we’re aware of, is still on the project.

Either that or maybe the World War I storyline wasn’t a problem to begin with and was always meant to be one of the time periods for Wonder Woman.

As even before the Birthmoviesdeath.com’s rumor, BleedingCool.com had a rumor of their own back in October of last year, that Wonder Woman was supposed to take place during the 1920’s, which is after World War I.

But the 1920s is closer to 1914-1918 than 1939-1945 (World War II), in other words the idea of Wonder Woman taking place in the first half of 1900s may have always been part of the plan.

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