Saïd Taghmaoui Talks Wonder Woman Role, Film’s Budget, Schedule and Filming in Four Countries


Saïd Taghmaoui who’s playing an undisclosed character in Wonder Woman, spoke in the October issue of the French magazine Ultra

Where he disclosed new information about the production for the film, such as the movie having a budget of $300 million.

Taghmaoui also talks about how the movie is to film in four different countries in 6 months, which we assume it’ll be United Kingdom, Italy, Morocco and a country in the Far East. As previously reported with the information given by My World of Entertainment, it makes sense.

Taghmaoui also hints a bit on his character, stating the role will remain very secret, but he’s playing a nice super hero character, that was a very big physical preparation for him. A role Taghmaoui says hundreds of actors were trying to land and that it took him 3 months to win.

Now who can Saïd Taghmaoui possibly be playing? Let the speculation begin!


Source: thanks to  for the heads up!

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