Matt Reeves Says He Didn’t Want To Just Make A Batman Movie


The Batman director Matt Reeves in a recent interview with New York Times, spoke on his upcoming caped crusader movie, starring Robert Pattinson as the title character. In the interview Reeves goes on to say he wouldn’t had agreed to direct and write The Batman, if he was just going to just make a Batman film, as that has already been done, he wanted to do something that has some emotional stake to it.

You never know whether the people in charge of those I.P.s [intellectual properties] are going to be open to your vision. But if they weren’t, I wouldn’t have done “Batman.” I was like, look, there have been some great “Batman” films and I don’t want to just make a “Batman” film. I want to do something that has some emotional stakes.

Reeves continues on in the interview in speaking what he wants to do with the Dark Knight in his Batman movie, stating that he wants to create enough distance so that the audience can fantasy experiencing something impossible, as a level of wish fulfillment.

What we’re trying to do with “Batman,” is create just enough distance so that you can have the fantasy of saying, wow, what if I could experience that one impossible thing? You have a level of wish fulfillment. But it connects to your life in a way that doesn’t feel entirely like an escape. It can really touch you, but it gives you just enough distance that you don’t have to feel the pain of it too much.

The Batman is set to be released in theaters on June 25th, 2021.


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