Gail Simone Teases an Exciting New Comic Book Movie


Comic Book writer Gail Simone who’s known her DC Comics work such as Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Secret Six and Batgirl, went on to her official Twitter account to express her excitement of an amazing phone call she had regarding a movie that’s going to make comic fans go bananas. It can only be speculated that the movie that would make comic fans go bananas is a DC Comics movie, as that’s what Simone is known for and it can only also speculate it’s going to be an adaptations of one of her known work.

Clearly Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey were both already made into movies, the only other DC comic book adaptations are Secret Six and Batgirl, which both in one form or another were in development, Secret Six was in development as a CBS series but nothing came to it and Batgirl was in development to be a movie with Joss Whedon attached to direct and write, but Whedon walked away from the project due to not being able to come up with a story for the movie.

So it’s very possible that she’s referring to Batgirl, which can be back into development or that Secret Six is going into development as a movie.

But there’s also the wildcard that she could be referring to Gotham City Sirens, which is what Birds of Prey was originally suppose to be, since Simone did retweet a fan’s tweet that replied to her original Tweet with “BOP (Birds of Prey) VS GCS (Gotham City Sirens) YES”.

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