Matt Ryan Answers if Constantine Could Appear Alongside Superman and Batman on the Big Screen


Constantine star Matt Ryan talks about the series, answers a question on whether he can see a crossover with Constantine and DC Cinematic Universe and responses to if he’s worried television viewers will get tired of too many comic book television shows and having that affect Constantine.

Do you think there’ll be some crossover with the DC cinematic universe Warner Bros. is creating? Could Constantine appear alongside Henry Cavill’s Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman on the big screen?

I’m not sure. The show’s made by Warner Bros., which has the deal with DC, and it’s licensed to NBC, so I don’t know how the ins and outs of that work. But as an actor, how amazing would that be to do a crossover?

Is there a worry that there’s too much comic book TV on at the moment – like Gotham, Arrow and The Flash – and viewers may miss out seeing Constantine?

This is a different kind of genre of comic book show, that’s what makes it unique. Constantine’s not a superhero, he’s a working class anti-hero, he’s a man’s man. The early comic books were political as well, and that sets it apart. The fact that he’s got this twisted, tormented soul and sticks his middle finger up at the devil and has this cynical sarcasm, that’s what makes it different – he’s a real anti-hero.

In terms of the audience as well, The Flash and Arrow have a different kind of audience to what we’re going for. Hopefully there is a big enough audience for the show to continue.


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