Matt Ryan Talks on the Idea of Returning to the Role of Constantine


Matt Ryan who played John Constantine on the NBC television series Constantine, that was unfortunately canceled after 13 episodes, had a Q&A panel at Tampa Bay Comic Con this past weekend, that we were lucky to attend.

The panel was mostly filled with Ryan praising the television series, the character of Constantine within the Vertigo Comics and most definitely proving that he really understood the Hellblazer character, as he was asked questions by hardcore fans, many who were cos playing as Constantine, about elements from the comics.

At one point a fan asked him on the idea of him appearing on Arrow as Constantine, which Ryan had this to say:

“I’ve heard the rumors and I think it would be really exciting. I think it would be cool to see how they wrote those two characters interacting with each other, you know?”

Ryan was then later asked by another fan, if Constantine were to appear on Arrow would he be the opposing force who teaches Arrow “what’s up”, which Ryan responded with:

“I don’t know, I think the one thing–What would be interesting, in the comics John always calls all the superheroes costumers. It’ll be weird to just turn around and go: ‘Hey, nice leather pants, if I don’t say so myself’.

That’s what I love about John, is that he’s a real, fleshed out, three-dimensional human being, you know? He’s like not your average superhero, he’s like a jerk, you know? And I love the way he reacts in the comics, in the DC Universe with all those other characters. It’ll just be a little bit of fun, to see how he would react to The Flash, the Arrow…”

When asked if there’s any possibilities that Constantine will continue somewhere else and if he has heard of any others deals being made for the series, Ryan responded with:

I have no idea, all I know is we’ve been all officially released from our contracts. DC, Warner Brothers own the property. It’ll be great, I told them before I left that I’ll be up for reprising the role, if down the line if they would ever want me to do that.

I’m doing a play now, until January, if they ever want to pick up after that, then I’ll be up for it.

Throughout the panel Matt really showed how much he understood and knew on the Hellblazer comics and the character of John Constantine.

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