Mattel Reveals All DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls


Mattel reveals all DC Super Hero Girls action dolls, well most of them, outside from Katana, who’s missing. The dolls stand at 12-inch and come with accessories that showcase each character’s unique abilities. The action figures are aimed at 6 year old girls.

Mattel’s top designer Christine Kim, had this to say on the dolls, while comparing a Wonder Woman action figure one would normally see in store to that of DC Super Hero Girls.

“Beautiful, but really sexualized,” Kim says. “There’s a very direct emphasis on a womanly part.”

The article confirms that more products from the DC Super Hero Girls line will be unveiled at New York Comic Con and how this has been something Warner Bros. has wanted to do, to help fill the gap when it comes to lack of Superhero related items for girls.

The DC SuperHero Girls line, which launches this spring, will include 12-inch dolls, 6-inch action figures, and gadgets such as a Batgirl utility belt. Some of the products will be unveiled for the first time this week at New York Comic Con. The two companies joined forces last year after seeing a hole in the market, one Warner Bros. wants to help fill with girl-oriented books and animated Web series. The studio also is pushing female superheroes into the mainstream with Supergirl, a television show airing this month on CBS, and a Wonder Woman movie slated for 2017.

DC_Superhero_Girls_Action_FiguresThe action figures will be released sometime in 2016.


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