Mel Gibson Confirms Suicide Squad 2 Talks with Warner Bros.


As we previously reportedThe Hollywood Reporter announced that director Mel Gibson was being courted by Warner Bros. for the position to helm the second installment to Suicide Squad, not that original director David Ayer is busy with Gotham City Sirens.

Since the reporting, many have taken the report as rumor, until Mel Gibson confirmed during a Q&A for his current film Hacksaw Ridge,  when he was asked directly if he was in talks with the studio for the job and how close of a deal they were in or if they were on a first date, Gibson responded with:

 “Its still kind of a first date we’re in talks, you know its fun to talk to these guys at the studio”

Suicide Squad 2 has yet to be officially slated by Warner Bros., but after how successful it was in the worldwide box office without the help of China, it’s no surprise the studio is moving forward with a sequel.


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