Melissa Benoist Shows Off her Supergirl Blonde Hair


Melissa Benoist shows off her recently dyed blonde hair at the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards held on Saturday in Santa Monica, California. Benoist who’s naturally a brunette dyed her hair after being cast for the role of Kara Zor-El for the Supergirl television series for CBS.

To view the images click here.


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  • Superman Leaves

    Perfect Supergirl! She is awesome.

  • TheBeautifulWisePumpkin

    …I guess I’m okay with this now.

  • bob

    not blonde enough. in fact, you can basically tell her hair is still mostly light brown and just looks like it has streaks in it.

    • Compared to her dark brown hair, it’s a leap better you gotta admit! 🙂

  • Kenny Alan Cramer

    I am just happy she doesn’t have the bimbo barbie look that you can easily get with this character… She actually looks intelligent. She has a girl next door vibe that will work well… not “plastic” if that makes sense. I am sure Laura Vandervoot is nice in real life, but she was too “valley girl”/barbie dream house when she played the role on Smallville

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