New Released Photo of The Joker? UPDATE: Confirmed FAKE


Photographer Ricky Middlesworth posted what he said is a real photo of Jared Leto as The Joker for Suicide Squad on his instagram. When asked if the photo was fake or digitally made, he responded with the following:

definitely not a digital painter, I’m a photographer

If real the Joker is seen in a white suit, which is very Joker of The Dark Knight Returns.

We can’t confirm this as being 100% legit as David Ayer, Warner Bros. or anyone directly attached to Suicide Squad haven’t confirmed it as being real. That said though, Ricky Middlesworth has worked with other celebrities going by his official site,  if anything there’s credibility to his name as a Photographer.

UPDATE: Looks like as this was being written Suicide Squad producer Andy Harwitz commented on the picture and confirmed it as being a fake, Middlesworth has also removed many of the tags (eg: Jared Leto) and his comment which we quoted above, as we can no longer see it.

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