Set Pieces Being Placed on Suicide Squad Filming Location


As we perviously reported Suicide Squad will be filming on the dates of May 25th-May 28th on Yonge street in downtown Toronto. Earlier yesterday evening through the night set pieces of a Midway City bus and a Military helicopter were spotted being placed on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. Suicide Squad Director David Ayer was even seen on at the location, though it looks like no filming took place.

#SuicideSquad I guess

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Set pieces. #suicidesquad #ithink #tdot

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It's hard to get home these days when #suicidesquad is always filming on Bay Street

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Oh nothing just on the set of #SuicideSquad

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Suicide Squad scene downtown. #toronto #suicidesquad

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A helicopter crashed into a bus!! #justkidding #filmset #toronto #suicidesquad?

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Scene for Suicide Squad being filmed in TO right now. Crazy! #SuicideSquad #Toronto

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Suicide Squad Filming on Yonge St. May 25th-28th
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