Patty Jenkins Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s Praising of Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins in an interview with Cosmopolitan, reacts on Hillary Clinton’s praising of the film, in which she made the comments at the beginning of August, after attending a screening for the film.

Hillary Clinton comment:

“I also had the a chance to see Wonder Woman finally, and it was just as inspirational as I’d suspected a movie about a strong, powerful woman in a fight to save the world from international disaster would be.”

Patty Jenkins responds to Clinton’s comment:

“It’s completely surreal! Those sorts of crossovers to the real world are surreal because there’s like two versions of me,” Jenkins explained. “There’s the me that’s like, ‘Wow! [Wonder Woman] is this [kind of icon] to so many people, so I’m not surprised.’ On the other hand, I’m like, ‘So… our film? Those things we did, those people have watched? Oh, my god!’ And I’m so honored that we’re being talked about by [Hillary Clinton] in this world.”


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