Phil Lord and Christopher Miller Set to Write The Flash Movie


As it was previously reported, Jeff Sneider of The Wrap broke the news that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were rumored to possibly be directing The Flash movie, now it’s being reported by Deadline that they’re actually writing a treatment for the film for Warner Bros.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are working behind the scenes to develop a story for Warner Bros.’ big-screen version of the DC Comic-based superhero The Flash.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are best known for their work on The LEGO: Movie, 21 and 22 Jump Street and the future LEGO: Batman Movie that’s set to release in 2017.

This report hasn’t been confirmed by Warner Bros. or anyone attached to the film, so for now take with a grain of salt, though with a possibly of it being true.

The Flash is slated to release on March 23rd, 2018.

Source: Deadline

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  • CRLyons

    now to recast the flash… please 🙁

    • Ezra is super talented, he won’t disappoint.

      • CRLyons

        the sad thing is that i know he will do a great job, but im just very over protective of my favourite characters (Flash, Green Lantern etc.) and i just dont feel he is “The Flash” in any sense. It makes me feel extremely cynical, although im gradually warming up to the idea of it, maybe i just need to see a pic of him in the costume so i can calm down 😛 but they better use Hal Jordan (C.Pine or T.Kitsch) in the movies or at the very least I.Elba as Stewart or else i will start to lose some hair.

    • naggibator


  • naggibator

    CooL. Next Aquamen, Batman Solo And Man of Steel 2