Reactions From a Test Screening of Suicide Squad


Warner Bros. presented a secret screening to a group of audience members today, that resulted being for Suicide Squad, which officially releases in theaters on August 5th, 2016.

This test screening could be put into question, if it wasn’t for the fact that more than one or two people posted reactions and Geoff Johns, who’s now the co-runner of DC Extended Universe liked one of the reactions from an attendee of the screening.

The overall reaction to the film by those who shared their reaction to the film, are overall very positive.

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  • Fantasia D Lipz

    Same thing what happened to batman vs superman at first there were positive tweets and everyone were praising the movie. but when b v s was released it was hated by the critics

    • Yes, the opinions of 200+ people mattered more than the opinions of thousands others so it seems… kind of ridiculous that people allow critics to have that much power.

      • Kal

        That event was for industry insiders and SOME fans. This test screening was for general audiences. Suicide Squad is entertaining and crowd-pleasing at the very least. I think it’ll fair better critically, as well.

      • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

        200+ people?? Dude most of the people at my cinema were about to fall asleep. This movie is booring

        • Not a dude and I’m referring to Rotten Tomato’s 200+ critics who’s opinions mattered more than the thousands of other people who enjoyed the film, as in the audience score that’s on the site. Also sorry you were stuck in a boring theater, went to see the film four times and each time they were very lively towards reacting the movie. There’s even a youtube video out there of a showing of people reacting positively to the film.

  • Mike Fubar

    I don’t believe any of these reviews

    • They aren’t reviews, they’re reactions.

      • Mike Fubar