Geoff Johns and Jon Berg Taking Over DC Extended Universe Films


The Hollywood Reporter exclusively breaks the news that Jon Berg, the current Executive VP of Warner Bros. and Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics will co-run the DC Extended Universe from now on, starting with Suicide Squad.

It’s no secret that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was met with mixed reactions from both critics and fans, while for many the film was great and has been profitable, making over $868 million dollars world wide with a budget of $250 million. Though Warner Bros. is taking action to ensure future films are not met with such mixed reactions.

Geoff Johns is probably most well-known for being the man who has been delegating the behind the scenes responsibility of all DC and Vertigo Televisions shows and is the one who is bringing DC Comics, comic book readers the new Rebirth.

This move will allow Warner Bros. to keep an eye on their other properties, such as The LEGO Movies and the Harry Potter prequels, while DC Entertainment is being overseen. This move will not take away from the filmmaker driven attitude that Warner Bros. has had since starting the DC Extended Universe, but it will allow for a more straight forward and more focused view on how the universe will continue.

Geoff Johns will be the one who reports to DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, while Jon Berg does so with Greg Silverman, the President of Warner Bro. Pictures.

Warner Bro. and DC Entertainment hope by teaming a filmmaker executive like Jon Berg with a comic book veteran like Geoff Johns they can continue to make quality films each, better than the next.

Geoff Jons and Jon Berg will also become Producers on the Justice League films with Ben Affleck as Executive Producer.


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