Ricardo Segarra Teases Seeing the DC Extended Universe Soon


An actor by the name of Ricardo Segarra, teased through a tweet on Saturday about seeing the DC Cinematic Universe soon, which has caused fans to get excited and speculate that he could have a role in the DC Extended Universe.

The truth is, his tweet could had meant anything, in terms of seeing the DC Extended Universe films soon in theaters, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is less than a year away to be released, to him actually having a role in the DC Extended Universe, which could be something small, as his resume on IMDB doesn’t have much work on it.

Though the truth is that couldn’t define his importance in the DC Extended Universe, if he has a role, as both Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Karen Fukuhara (Katana) didn’t have much to their names as actors in film, before landing their roles.

But the reality is, if he did land a big role in the DC Extended Universe, he wouldn’t be allowed to speak of whatsoever, until officially confirmed, because Warner Bros. would have had him sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).

A grain of salt shall be taken with this one, more so going through his Twitter, it’s clear to see he’s more like a fan than anything else of DC Extended Universe, even going as far as to at reply Zack Snyder with a link to a film he made.

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