Robin Wright Says She’ll Absolutely Return for the Wonder Woman Sequel


Robin Wright who played Diana’s aunt Antiope in Wonder Woman, was recently interviewed by E!News for her most current film Blade Runner 2045 and during the interview she was asked if she would return for the Wonder Woman sequel, which is in development with director Patty Jenkins once again at the helm.

Wright goes on to say when asked the question that she would absolutely go back for the sequel:

I would absolutely go back and do a sequel for sure! On come, girl power!

Then when asked if she had any idea Wonder Woman would be so successful, Wright goes on to say:

Not a clue, I mean we had a hunch. Female superhero, first for everything.

To listen to her comments, fast-fowards to the 0:32 second mark:

The Wonder Woman sequel is set to release on December 13, 2019.

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