Ruby Rose Cast as Batwoman for The CW Crossover


Actress Ruby Rose who’s best known for her role as Stella in Orange Is the New Black, has been cast as Batwoman for The CW Crossover between their hit television series The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl.

As we previously reported, Batwoman will be receiving her own series on network for the 2019-2020 season, which will follow the character of Kate Kane, who has a passion for social justice and ends up becoming Batwoman in the City of Gotham.

Since the casting announcement, Rose has gone on to late night television talk show Jimmy Fallon to express her excitement with the casting, stating she finally gets to play a character she always wanted to play, a character in which her younger self could had looked up to, her exact quote was:

“Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

Since her casting, sadly Rose had to delete her Twitter account due to harassment from online bullies who were stating she wasn’t Lesbian enough to play this iconic Lesbian character. In the current comics and animated movies, Batwoman is an open gay woman, as likewise with Ruby Rose who has publicly spoken of her sexuality and has openly dated women, in hand it made no sense why she was being bullied for not being “gay enough” for the role, as though there’s a meter as to how homosexual a person has to be, to play a gay role.


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