Said Taghmaoui Teasing Role in Steven Spielberg’s Blackhawk?


Said Taghmaoui who played the character of Sameer in Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman, who prior to the movie’s released, confirmed his character was part of the Blackhawk crew. Though since that confirmation through his official Twitter account, no other mention of Sameer’s affiliation to Blackhawk was ever mentioned elsewhere, let alone in Wonder Woman itself.

Now with the annoucement that Director Steven Spielberg is in line to helm a Blackhawk movie for DC, many fans began to speculate that Taghmaoui would appear in the movie, as a way to link Spielberg’s movie to the rest of the DC Extended Universe, of course this was all pure speuclation.

Until today, when Taghmaoui went on to Twitter and shared the connection, clearly teasing that fans might be correct in their speculation.

At the moment Blackhawk doesn’t have a release date nor a production start date.

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