Scott Eastwood and Ike Barinholz’s Characters in Suicide Squad Revealed


There’s been many rumors and speculations behind as to whom Scott Eastwood and Ike Barinholz might be playing in Suicide Squad.

Many of the rumors have led to fans hoping they are playing popularly known characters from the comics, which in hand has set many fans up for disappointment, as the characters for both actors seem to have been disclosed on a German movie site and neither seem to be playing any of the characters fans were hoping for.

Ike Barinholz is listed as playing Captain Griggs, who might be the DC Comics character known as Major Keith Griggs, wgo is a United States Air Force officer who worked alongside Steve Trevor, Diana Prince, Etta Candy and Lauren Haley in the comics.

While Scott Eastwood is listed as Lieutenant “GQ” Edwards, who’s a original character for the film, as no such name is found in the DC Comics database and by looking at the on-set photos of Eastwood, the name tag “GQ” can be seen on his vest.


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