Scott Eastwood Playing Jess Bright in Suicide Squad?

Jess Bright in “The New Frontier” comic and animated film.

There’s been a lot speculations as to whom Scott Eastwood is playing in Suicide Squad, from Steve Trevor, to Dick Grayson (Nightwing), to a non-canon DC character. As it has yet to be officially disclosed who he’s playing in the film.

But all answers could possibly point to a character that no one has mentioned, a character who’s from the original silverage Suicide Squad/Task Force X comic run from the 1950-60’s.

That character is Jess Bright, who’s also known as Jeff Bright, as well as two other names that we’ll get into later on in the article.

Since Suicide Squad Director David Ayer is taking ideas from different versions of the Suicide Squad comics for the film, we can only assume this would make perfect sense that a character that worked alongside Rick Flag Sr. in the silverage comics, could be changed into a character working alongside Rick Flag Jr. That’s if Joel Kinnaman is playing Rick Flag Jr., it’s very possible Kinnaman could be playing the first or the only Rick Flag.

Karin Grace , Jess Bright and Rick Flag

Now the way this character came to our attention is big thanks to a Twitter user by the name of , who Tweeted us the following Tweet that really set this speculation into motion:

Jess Bright, Rick Flag, Karin Grace and Hugh Evans

There’s no denying that what we’ve seen of Eastwood from the Suicide Squad set, isn’t similar to what we’re seeing in these images of Jess Bright. Though the character of Jess Bright was brought to our attention as Hughes Evans, who doesn’t exist in the DC Universe, but a character by the name of Dr.Hugh Evans does.

From that jump off point we did our research and figured out that Dr.Hugh Evans was also an original member of the Suicide Squad. Though Hugh Evans isn’t the character who’s seen looking like Eastwood in the above images, in fact we learned it’s actually Jess Bright after getting a copy of DC New Frontier.

Also after reading the following detailed article ( about Jess Bright, which stated that the character at various times was in the U.S. Army in the comics, while Dr.Hugh Evans was not, going by his detailed article ( Even though it’s said that both characters were interchangeable with how similar they were with each other. But the U.S. Army background was the real jumping off point in deciphering the two characters, outside from their appearance, because going by Eastwood’s uniform from the Suicide Squad set, he’s clearly a Captain, meaning he’s paid his due in the Military.

Jess Bright and Rick Flag

Which is also an important detail, because Eastwood’s character being a Captain for someone who looks like he’s in his early 30’s (assuming he entered at the age of 18) is a low rank for someone who’s just a solider, which gives off the impression that his work in the Military is off and on, much like Jess Bright’s was in the comics, as he’s also a scientist who worked alongside Dr. Hugh Evans. But if Eastwood is playing someone in his mid-20’s, this theory can be thrown out the window…

Hugh Evans and Jess Bright

Going back to Bright’s other names or rather aliases and why we feel that’s the character Eastwood is playing is because Jess Bright story within the comics goes beyond that of the Suicide Squad/Task Force X, more so than Hugh Evans’. Though let’s be clear, we aren’t saying Hugh Evans isn’t in the Suicide Squad film, we have our speculation on who could possibly be playing him and we’ll assume those reading this article can also piece it together, but we’ll wait a bit more before we speculate about it in an article, because we don’t believe the evidence is really there yet.

Karin Grace, Hugh Evans and Jess Bright
Jess/Jeff Bright as Koshchei the Deathless.

As already mentioned, in the comics Jess Bright’s story goes beyond Suicide Squad/Task Force X, he’s actually ends up having two other names outside from Jess/Jeff Bright. During his time in China he becomes Yen Wang (King of the Devils) and then later becomes a zombie created by the Chinese, by the name of Koshchei the Deathless.

If Eastwood is this character of Jess Bright and whether he’ll end up becoming this zombie like character later on in the DC Cinematic Universe is completely unknown speculation, more so than this character theory. But if true, it’ll show that Eastwood as Jess Bright has a richer origin story than just being a Military guy, and it’ll make sense why Eastwood agreed to the role, beyond wanting to work with David Ayer, if the rumor that he gave up Steve Trevor for this role are true.

Of course this is all pure speculation and should be taken with a  grain of salt, but thought it was a pretty spot on theory. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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