Scott Eastwood Says Suicide Squad Will Be So F—ing Cool


Scott Eastwood during a press conference for his latest film The Longest Ride, due to release today, spoke a little bit on Suicide Squad, but didn’t disclose anything on his role or who he’s playing.

His only mentions of the film was his expressing excitement for it, by stating how it’ll be something that no one has seen before and it’s going to be “so f—ing cool”.

Then he’ll jet to Toronto for an unspecified part in David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad.” Eastwood has read the script, but he’s not able to divulge any details about the comic book tentpole, where he’s rumored to play Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor. “It’s going to be something that no one has seen before,” he says. “It’s so f—ing cool.”

Source: Variety

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