Scott Eastwood Talks Suicide Squad, Batman and More

Shares had the opportunity to speak with Scott Eastwood who’s playing an undisclosed character in Suicide Squad, in the interview Eastwood talked about his favorite comic book character, DC and working on Suicide Squad.

KS: What was your favorite comic book series growing up?
For me, it was always the Batman franchises. I remember Jack Nicholson playing the Joker, and being mesmerized by that whole experience and world that you were brought into.

Marvel or DC…
I would probably say DC. In my opinion, DC appears to be a bit more edgy. But that being said, there has been some great Marvel movies out there, too. I really enjoyed “Guardians of The Galaxy.”

So you’ve spent the last couple months filming ‘Suicide Squad,’ do you have anything you could tell us?
David Ayers, who’s directing this movie, is a mad scientist, and a genius. He wrote a script that’s pretty awesome.

This movie is really smart because it flips your typical superhero movie on its head, and makes you come up with your own conclusion. It makes you ask yourself: who’s the good guy, or who’s the bad guy? And I think that’s why this movie is really interesting.

I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

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