Seth Rogen Talks on Preacher Production Start Date


Seth Rogen while promoting his latest film Steve Jobs spoke with Collider on what’s happening with Preacher, now that its been picked up for a full series run by AMC.

Three-part question: How is Neighbors 2 going? Is it called ‘Sorority Rising’? How is Console Wars and Preacher?

And Preacher, I think, are in like the third week of the writers’ room in L.A. We should start filming the series in January or February.

How has it been collaborating with the network on that?

Rogen: It’s been amazing, honestly. AMC’s been very open and not restrictive of the things we wanted to do, and we pushed it pretty hard as we generally do. There’s definitely been some conversations here and there, but ultimately they’ve let us do exactly what we wanted, which has been incredible. Literally you can’t say the F word, but other than that, we’ve pretty much been given complete free range.

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