Spoiler Room: Supergirl and The Flash


Entertainment Weekly released their spoiler scoops on both Supergirl and The Flash for the upcoming events that’ll be taking place in future episodes according to the executive producer Andrew Kreisberg on Supergirl, while actor Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin talk on The Flash.


Will we find out how Kara got free of the Phantom Zone on Supergirl? — Elizabeth
Yes, but you’ll have to be patient. “We will get into how and why Kara’s pod and Fort Rozz escaped the Phantom Zone … just not yet,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “We’re saving that surprise for later. But we know what happened and it’s pretty cool. I promise!”

The Flash:

Will we see more doppelgängers from Earth-Two soon on The Flash? — Hank
I’m getting the feeling that the second half of the season will delve into that more. “It sounds like we’re going to be making an Earth-Two trip in the future at some point this season,” Grant Gustin says. “I don’t know which characters are going to be going. I’m pretty sure Barry will be one of them. I don’t know if we’re going to see his doppelgänger when we go over there. I’d imagine we would.” While Jesse L. Martin hasn’t played his doppelgänger yet, he has heard good things about what could potentially go down. “Earth-Two Joe might have a little musical element to him,” Martin says.

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