Stephen Amell Talks about DC Movie Slate


Stephen Amell sat down with John Campea for the Arrow After Show where he was asked about his thoughts on the new DC Comics slate of movies. Amell stated that at first he was upset with Warner Bros.’s timing with the announcements of Ezra Miller’s casting as The Flash, because it was in the wake of Grant Gustin’s The Flash very recent success in the tv ratings. He felt the announcement of the film and casting overshadowed the great news for the new tv series. Though with that being said he went on to say the following in regards to the movie slate.

The plans that Warner Bros. has, and it’s a great plan, overall, and DC has for the introduction to the Justice League of America and all the standalone films, is going to take place over the course of five to six years. So who knows what could happen. I’ve had some great conversations with Geoff Johns, who is DC’s Chief Creative Officer. We had this conversation shortly after these announcements were made, and I came away from the conversation feeling great.

Source: AMC Movie Talk

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