The Waynes Killed Again For Batman V Superman


Chicago turns into Gotham once more for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as filming for the Wayne’s murder takes place in Uptown Chicago at a classic movie theater. Along with the theater sign being changed with the title and poster of The Mark of Zorro, which we all know is the film the Waynes last watch prior to their murder in some forms of the comics…

Filming resumes tonight. #BatmanvSuperman #bvschicago

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They are actually using “The Mark of Zorro”! #BatmanvSuperman #bvschicago

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Old 1960’s car were also spotted on the set confirming these event of the Waynes murder took place in the 60’s in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s timeline:

#BatmanvSuperman #bvschicago

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This now confirms that Ben Affleck will be playing a Bruce Wayne that’ll be much older than himself, as Affleck was born in the 70’s.

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