Suicide Squad Casting Confirms Justice League Dark Connection


Cara_DelevingneAs we learned yesterday the official cast and crew for the Suicide Squad was announced by Warner Bros.

Among those announcements were also the characters that were officially going to appear in the film. One of those characters is Enchantress, a powerful but mentally unstable witch, who’ll be played by Cara Delevingne (Anna Karenina, Pan).

This character’s announcement in the Suicide Squad leads to possibly answering a question fans have pondered for sometime now, which is — whether or not Justice League Dark (which is now being called Dark Universe) will be part of the same universe as the other DC films.

Earlier this week Guillermo del Toro somewhat hinted that they were:

Right now the only sort of shared universe project I’m working on is Dark Universe for Warners, you know, for DC, which is Swamp Thing, Demon, Deadman, Zatanna.  It’s a very different universe.  As to the plans to the other one, I wish I had an inside track right now.

Justice_League_DarkNow getting the official word by the team behind the DC cinematic universe that they’ve chosen to use Enchantress, of all the possible characters from the DC Universe, who have taken part in the Suicide Squad  leads us to believe and theorize that the Justice League Dark film will be connected to the rest of the cinematic universe.

The reason we state this, is because Enchantress is the main villain to the Justice League Dark.

Now people can argue that it’s possible they aren’t following the New 52 story with Enchantress, that could be true as this is all speculation. But again, of all the characters they could had chosen who have appeared in the Suicide Squad over the years since the 1950’s, which has been over 100 different characters (Enchantress being one of them), why choose to use the main villain to the Justice League Dark? A film that’s in the works by Guillermo del Toro, that hasn’t been officially confirmed its connection to the rest of the DC cinematic universe.

It also helps to move this theory along when Cara Delevingne looks a lot like the human host of Enchantress, June Moone in the New 52… Well at least on the cover of issue #1 of Justice League Dark. Enchantress is the one with the green hoodie:

Food for thought.

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