Guillermo del Toro Speaks Justice League Dark Shared Universe with DC


Guillermo del Toro last week confirmed that the script for Justice League Dark was submitted to Warner Bros.

Now in a recent interview from this week, Del Toro talks about shared universes after being asked on his take on them, due to his suppose work on the new Frankenstein film which is set to share the same universe as the other Universal Studio’s monster films.

I haven’t followed up with Frankenstein so I really have very little to add to that.  Right now the only sort of shared universe project I’m working on is Dark Universe for Warners, you know, for DC, which is Swamp Thing, Demon, Deadman, Zatanna.  It’s a very different universe.  As to the plans to the other one, I wish I had an inside track right now.

This response has left DC Comics fans now wondering if he’s confirming if the Dark Universe film(s) will be connected to the slate of DC Comics movies that have already been announced by Warner Bros, or will it be separated and only connect to the films within the Dark Universe.

We here hope they’re all connected, how about yourselves?

Source: Collider

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