Suicide Squad’s Box Office Ending Close to $750 Million is Possible


According to Gitesh Pandya of Box Office Guru,  the final number for Suicide Squad can near $750 million, even without the financial help from China, in which the film did not and will not release. 

Though Mark Hughes of Forbes believes Suicide Squad final number will be around $720+ million and with luck it can reach $730+ million.

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  • GAB

    Can reach 750, or 730, we don’t know yet. No one can see the future. It has never been possible and never will be. They can only make calculations and speculations, but nothing is certain until it will be shown. Hughes doesn’t have a crystall ball, he can only made predictions as everyone else. He says 720, someone else says 750, no one is right or wrong as now, so is useless for him be arrogant, giving a certainty saying “will finish with 720” and implicitly denying the possible achievement of 750, or saying that with luck can only reach 730. When the total results will come out, we will know. He used the hashtag math, but is not only about calculations, because life is unpredictable and the math doesn’t see the future. Maybe in the next week there will be an increase in earning, maybe not. We don’t know. They have to wait without the arrogance to believe they know more than others.

  • Anson Phillip

    Somebody say a win for WB and the DCEU!!!! Keep them coming baby and go go go Suicide Squad. The squad domestically may make and top out domestically at 314-322 million by my calculations and worldwide by about 720-742 million so 750 million seems a stretch but if Box office Guru has more info on how it is doing this week it could well do beyond what I estimated. I don’t see the real time figures to really be able to say what would happen. It grossed close to 16 million last weekend WW on a close to 6 million domestic. So if it does 7 million more domestic it would do 14 million international and 21 million in all on the lower end. If it does 14 million more domestic and 28 million international then it would add a further 42 million WW. So it could round up close to 750 million in a best case scenario.