Supergirl Leaked Pilot Downloaded Over 100,000 Times


This isn’t a secret at this point that the Supergirl pilot was leaked online, otherwise we wouldn’t even be writing this article about it out respect to DC Comics, Warner Bros. and CBS, as the pilot isn’t suppose to be released until November.

We found out about the leak early this morning around 4am, as it was posted all over our facebook feed and we also received a handful of direct messages about it. It’s gone as far that even the big trend sites such as Variety are reporting the news, which they’re reporting the leak has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the span of  5 hours of it being leaked.

That doesn’t even include direct streaming and the other handful of sites it’s been uploaded to which haven’t been counted, we’ve even seen it being uploaded to Youtube several times.

This can be seen as a positive for the series that the interest for it is very strong and thus far going by what we’ve seen around by those who’ve already watched it, the reactions have been mostly very positive.

People are speculating that Warner Bros. and CBS leaked the pilot intentionally due to the mix reaction the 6 minute trailer received.

Source: Variety

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