Time Warner Might Withdraw DC Television Shows from Netflix and Hulu


According to The New York Times, the chief executive of Time Warner Inc., Jeff Bewkes informed analysts on a conference call this past Wednesday that Time Warner is considering to not allowing online services like Netflix and Hulu to show their television series such as Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl and we imagine iZombie as well, as they would like to wait for years later to then give them the rights to show their shows, because Bewkes wants the episodes to be available on-demand for cable customers.

It makes sense as Time Warner Inc. is Time Warner Cable, and they’re thinking about their customers and bottom line over everything else. Jeff Bewkes was quoted in stating the following when talking on giving cable packages more attractive:

“delivering even more value to consumers, especially those who subscribe to the traditional bundle,”

While analyst Anthony DiClemente of Nomura Securities had this to say regarding companies like Time Warner wanting to leave Netflix:

“Some of the media executives are looking at Netflix as a digital distributor who has gained too much power,” he said. “They are thinking, look, maybe we should keep our most valuable content inside the traditional pay TV ecosystem, which is the golden goose.”

As a business standpoint one has to understand why Time Warner Inc. is thinking of doing this, but personally speaking, this would be awful as both Hulu and Netflix are services I’ve used to catch up on DC Television.

To read the full article head over to NYTimes.com.

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