Titans Television Series Character Lineup


The lineup for the live action Teen Titans television series for TNT, with series title Titans, has been finally released.

The team will include the following DC Comics comic book characters — Dick Grayson as Robin, who’ll later become Nightwing, Barbara Gordon post Batgirl who’ll become Oracle, Raven, Starfire both commonly known Teen Titans members and lastly Hawk and Dove, two new team members who aren’t known to be in the Teen Titans characters.

This lineup comes from the pilot script that’s going around for the casting of the series, not included in the script are Beast Boy or Cyborg, two members of the team that have appeared in the original comic book series and animated television series.

As most television series, teen members can come and go as the series continues and we foresee this lineup remaining the same or changing up if this series lasts for more than one season.
Source: Nerdist

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