Tyler Hoechlin Says He’ll Make Superman His Own


Tyler Hoechlin who’s playing Superman in the second season of Supergirl, recently spoke with Moviefone and in the interview he was asked on his role on the series as not only Superman, but as Clark Kent as well, in which Hoechlin went on to say how he’s excited to see both sides of the character and how he’ll be making Superman his own.

So many cool things are happening in your career right now. Let’s start with Superman: I have a hunch that you’re just as excited to play Clark Kent as you are to play the Man of Steel on “Supergirl.”

Oh, absolutely! Absolutely. I think it’s a part that you can’t really … it’s not complete without him. So I’m definitely excited to see both sides of him.

What did it mean to get this great role, be the next in this legacy, and to figure out what you’re going to do to make it your own interpretation of this great American icon?

It’s definitely incredibly humbling and flattering to even be given the chance to do it. And I think, I’m just going to do as much as I can to see how to bring the true spirit of the character to the show.

I know they have instructed me not to talk about it too much before I actually get there and actually do it. I’m excited to just kind of look at it from doing it with a clean slate and not trying to replicate or duplicate anything that’s been done, but just being honest to the story and how they’re writing him.

Source: Moviefone.com

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