Viral Marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice Begins with Lex Luthor


Viral marketing for Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice has begun, starting off with a mockup interview with Lex Luthor titled “Lex Luthor Jr.: Not Just His Father’s LexCorp” on Fortune, which features banner ads for LexCorp that lead to a Twitter account for Lex.

The article in itself is very insightful when it comes to painting a clearer picture of who Lex Luthor is, at least to the public eye in Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice, and other details such as Lex is actually a junior, named after his father, who is the one to have actually started LexCorp.

Alexander Joseph Luthor Jr. is a 31-year-old wunderkind who transformed an aging petrochemical and heavy machinery dinosaur into a tech darling of the Fortune 500 in what some call a superhuman feat.

This jeans-wearing genius is equally at ease rappelling the climbing wall in his employee “inspiration station” and coding in “the crucible”: the cutting-edge R & D lab where the baby-faced billionaire verbally extemporizes computer code like Miles Davis improvising a trumpet solo.

As we patiently wait our turn at the complimentary LexCorp vegan food truck (this day’s fare: pesto-olive pizza with raw almond crust), the son of Alexander Luthor Sr. – Lex Luthor – explains the evolution of LexCorp.

“Dad named the company after himself ten years before I made my unexpected entrance into his life. But investors seemed to respond to the idea of an adoring father building a legacy for his precious son. He used that to his advantage. It was a good shtick and, whatever else he was, he was a good businessman,” the younger Luthor explains.

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