Warner Bros. Campaigning Wonder Woman and The LEGO Batman Movie for Award Season


Warner Bros. is campaigning for Wonder Woman and The LEGO Batman Movie, along with Dunkirk and Blade Runner 1949 to be nominated for this year’s award season.

This was confirmed as Warner Bros. has issued screenings for these films as consideration for the 2017 award season, for those who are apart of the voting committee. 

Wonder Woman being pushed by Warner Bros. shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as a few months ago there were many reports by different outlets stating that Warner Bros. was working towards pushing the film for a Best Picture Academy Award nomination.

As in The LEGO Batman Movie, it was no surprise the film would be pushed by Warner Bros. after the success of The LEGO Movie during the 2014 award season and the fact the film was well received by critics and moviegoers alike, much like Wonder Woman and the other two films that are being pushed by the studio.

Source: Warnerbros2017.com

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