Ryan Potter Cast as Beast Boy in Titans


Ryan Potter who’s best known for Big Hero 6, has been officially cast as Garfield “Gar” Logan aka Beast Boy on the DC Streaming Service series Titans, coming in 2018.

Ryan Potter is the first live action depiction of Beast Boy as he’s only been featured in animated forms in the shows such as Teen TitansTeen Titans GO!DC Superhero Girls, Young Justice and animated films Teen Titans: Judas Contract and Justice League vs Teen Titans.

A few months back we reported on how Ryan Potter was campaigning for the role of Tim Drake in The Batman, which clearly he didn’t get the role for, but Beast Boy isn’t a bad role to land!


As a child, Potter’s Garfield “Gar” Logan contracted the lethal disease, Sakutia, while on an African expedition with his geneticist parents. Treated with an experimental drug, Gar survived but not without developing some bizarre side effects.  Along with skin and hair turning permanently green, the wisecracking, fun-loving Beast Boy is able to reshape himself into any animal of any size he can imagine.

Source: Deadline 

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