Wentworth Miller Exits As Regular on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


Wentworth Miller who played Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold on The Flash as a recurring character, who then went on to star in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow as a series regular, has now officially exit the series as a regular for its upcoming second season, but will still be an active character during the series and the other Greg Berlanti DC series.

Berlanti went on to explain the departure of Miller as regular in an interview with Deadline:

“We always knew that he wouldn’t be a permanent member of The Waverider, we also knew we loved him on the show and all the shows, Flash as well. What it really emulates to us is the comic books themselves where there really are a cast of characters,” Berlanti said. While Miller, who also has been filming the Prison Breakfollowup, “won’t be part of the team of Legends on board of The Waverider next year, he will have a very active role on the show.” Miller’s is “the first contract not applicable to just one show,” Berlanti said. “In success we hope to continue with other characters finding their way across all the shows.”

Source: Deadline

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