EDITORIAL: Could Captain Cold Be in The Flash Movie?


As previously reported, it was announced that Wentworth Miller has signed a new contract to reappear in a recurring capacity in the future seasons of The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and possibly other, such as Supergirl and Arrow.

In the recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Captain Cold as played by Wentworth Miller sacrificed himself to save his team and the universe, making him a true bad guy gone good evolution in character.

What if the reason his character was “killed” off was because Captain Cold is the villain or one of the villains that will appear in Justice League: Part One or The Flash?

Let’s look at the pattern that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has continued to show us when bringing a character currently on a TV series to a film.

First and foremost I do want to point out that the old way of not allowing two versions of a character is not as tightly done as it used to be, The Flash is obviously doing very well on TV and will air along Ezra Miller’s film appearances and Gotham on FOX has nothing but villains and heroes that will be appearing the films, but there is still some instances where its apparent those in charge want only one version at a time shown.


In Arrow, he first appears in the Season 1 episode Lone Gunman, than Task Force X aka Suicide Squad is in introduced in Season 2 giving him a much wider role. He is than killed off in the episode “Suicidal Tendencies” which was shortly after Will Smith was announced to be playing Deadshot in the upcoming Suicide Squad film by director David Ayer.


Amanda Waller was first introduced in Season 2 of Arrow, but in Season 4 her character is killed off, before that time since the Suicide Squad announcement her character had been reduced quite a bit.


Katana on Arrow was one of the few that was written out rather than killed off but she was introduced in Season 3 in a heavy role capacity, but after the announcement of Suicide Squad her character’s appearance reduced. In Season 4 her character only appeared once and for a brief scene giving us an explanation on her absence.


Captain Boomerang was also a character introduced in Arrow and The Flash, but was written out after the announcement of the Suicide Squad film.


The 2002 series Birds of Prey, about Barbara Gordan’s continued mission as The Oracle to protect Gotham with The Huntress and Black Canary featured in a limited way Batman and The Joker, but as the Nolan franchise was just gearing up the second season, which would have had them return in a bigger capacity was axed.


A Suicide Squad television series was also discussed, but after the announcement of the upcoming film those plans quietly went away.

Harley Quinn also had a cameo in an episode of Arrow titled “Suicide Squad” and voiced by Tara Strong. This was also confirmed to only be fan service and that they have no plans to bring her into the world.

It’s also not known if Deathstroke will be featured in Suicide Squad in any way or in the speculated Teen Titans film, but his character has also been written out, despite being one of the best parts of the series.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are also known for introducing minor characters in other formats before the films as a way to get non-readers familiar with them. Such as The Dark Knight Returns and Assault on Arkham being released shortly after the announcement of the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

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