Wonder Woman Debuts With $1.3 Million in Blu-Ray Sales


The numbers are in and Wonder Woman debuted for its first week with $1,301,134 million in Blu-Ray sales with a total gross thus far of $38,981,975 million, this isn’t including its DVD sales, as those numbers haven’t been made available.

Wonder Woman grossing $1.3 million for its debut week is very impressive, when compared to other films within the DC Extended Universe:

  • Man of Steel: $1,368,864
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: $1,156,157
  • Suicide Squad: $1,014,826

Wonder Woman only fall $67,730 short to Man of Steel, but regardless the rate Wonder Woman is going in sales, it’ll definitely entering the All-Time Best-Selling Blu-ray list in the United States, much like Man of Steel which sits at #19 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which sits at #43.

Source: The-Numbers.com

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