Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Says She’s Very Excited About the Film They’re Making


Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins makes first public comment on the film via a twitter exchange with Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics Geoff Johns, who’s also helping produce the films for the DC Cinematic Universe.

John tweeted that he loved talking Diana with Jenkins, which Jenkins then responded back with: “Lucky to have the best of the best, Geoff Johns, on my team. Very excited about this film we’re making.” This is all very exciting!

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  • Jason Morris

    I hope this movie will have the same kind of charm as the 70s show!
    Hopefully Gal Gadot will be as likable as Lynda Carter!

    • red

      Fuck Lynda Carter! Are you kidding me? Instead of comparing her to the mediocre tv show, you should hope she’s as likeable as her comicbook counterpart.
      When was the last time someone said, “Oh, I hope the new Batman is as likeable as the Adem West version.”

      Comicbook accuracy is what we should go for !!!

      Using outdated TV shows and Chistopher Reeve movies as referentials is the dumbest thing you could possibly do, in order to do the character justice.
      Then again, this usually comes from people who proclaim themselves comicbook experts after seeing a movie,.. so I probably shouldn’t be suprised to hear someone say this dumb shit.

      • With respect, I couldn’t disagree more. One thing DC has always done, is pay homage to their own legacy. We’ve seen them utilize the original Flash actors on the current Flash TV show, & the original Super girl actress on the upcoming Super girl show. Even if it’s just a walk-on role, she deserves a place in the WW film franchise. Carter was the definitive WW, in a very different way from how Adam West was Batman. I could definitely see her handing the baton off to Gal, perhaps even in a role as Hyppolyta.

        • I wholeheartedly agree. One thing with a Legacy is, most won’t truly honor it if you don’t.

  • Jason Morris

    I’m not even going to attempt to argue with you, because that would be pointless!
    In case you didn’t know,….everyone is entitled to their opinion!!!