Wonder Woman Earns Above Estimated Numbers for Third Weekend


Once again Wonder Woman earns above the domestic estimated numbers for its third weekend in a row. Since the film’s opening weekend, the estimates for the film have been below its actual. For its opening weekend the film was estimated to have earned $100.3 million, when it actually earned $103 million.

The same happened for its second weekend, where the film was estimated on Sunday to have earned $57 million with a drop of 45%, when it actually earned $58.6 million with a of 43% drop.

Now for its third weekend, the film once again did better than what it was estimated to have earned, which was reported to have made $40.77 million with a 30% drop, when it actually earned $41.3 million with a 29% drop.

As we previously reported, the rate Wonder Woman is going, it’ll likely end up earning more at the domestic office than that of Man of Steel by the end of this week.

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