Wonder Woman to Also Film in Basilicata, Italy


According to an article on Yahoo! Italy, Wonder Woman will also be filming in Basilicata, also known as Lucania, in the Southern region of Italy.

We can only speculate, as many fans have already, this will be the filming location for Wonder Woman’s home of Themyscira, as beaches and overall landscape look like how one would imagine Themyscira would look like in real life.

Mentre Hollywood è di nuovo alle porte e verrà girato anche in Basilicata “Wonder Woman” di Patty Jenkins con protagonisti Gald Gadot (Fast & Furious 7, Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice) e Chris Pine.

English Translations:

While Hollywood is once again upon us and will be shot in Basilicata Wonder Woman” Patty Jenkins starring Gald Gadot (Furious 7, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Chris Pine.

Basilicata also a town by the name of Metaponto, that was built by ancient Greeks, where landmarks, monuments and a ruins of a temple to Hera, can still be found.

Those who are familiar with Wonder Woman and Greek mythology, know that Hera is the Goddess of Women, also one of the creators of the Amazon women, who in the comics, ends up becoming an enemy to Wonder Woman.

Source: Yahoo! thanks to @juanmies

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  • Eric Curto

    Now that is poetic, to be filming a film about a Greek Amazon in a town built by Greeks applause go to WB and the filming scouts who decided on the locations

    • The region of Basilicata is what’s being reported as to where they’re filming, I only mentioned the town of
      Metaponto within it due to it’s historical Greek background, not saying they’ll be filming there as Basillicata is a pretty big region, it’s about the size of the state of Delaware if not bigger… but it’ll be surprising if they don’t.

  • Tony Vargas

    Coupled with Bill Westenhofer and Hoyte van Hoytema, this is looking good.

    • A fest for our eye balls… is basically confirmed for Wonder Woman.

  • Vieste town (in the photo) is in Puglia, not Basilicata