Could Hal Jordan Be Coming to Arrow Season 4?


Hal Jordan, the second Green Lantern and often fan favorite has been hinted to be appearing quite a few times since The Flash started. Ferris Air Base was seen in the pilot and in the villain team up episode there was a mention of a “pilot who disappeared” and now it seems Marc Guggenheim is having some more fun with the fans.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAs you can see the start of the Green Lantern oath is what has gotten many fans excited to think we may get to see Hal Jordan soon. We know already that any references that have been made on the series are only there if the writer’s are planning to bring it on, especially any references seen or heard in The Flash pilot. Now that we are about to get a 3rd series in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow there is no telling where those references can appear, so it’s very possible Green Lantern can appear in Arrow, instead of The Flash.

We also know that while we will see flashbacks in the upcoming season, the flashbacks won’t necessarily tie in with current events, so it’s also possible we will see Hal Jordan prior to his “disappearance. “

Eric Curto
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