Wonder Woman to Pass All the DC Extended Universe Films Domestically


According to Forbes, the way the domestic box office is going for Wonder Woman, the film is looking to pass all the previous DC Extended Universe films, even the biggest of tent pole film of the franchise, that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s entirely possible that the film will start to slow down and end up with around $340 million-$345 million in North America, good enough to passBatman v Superman and Suicide Squad and a still superb 3.3x multiplier, putting it right between Jurassic World and The Dark Knight.

At the moment Wonder Woman sits with  $275 million with only 17 days playing at the domestic box office. With the film being estimated to end with $340 or $345 million, it’ll pass that of Man of Steel ($291 million) very soon, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330 million) and Suicide Squad ($325 million).

This will be a very impressive accomplishment for Wonder Woman and make the film the most successful in the DC Extended Universe, as studios rely on the domestic box office the most and the fact Wonder Woman cost less than all the previous films production budget wise, the return for Warner Bros. on the film, will be much more profitable.

Source: Forbes.com

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  • GAB

    The first and only movie about Wonder Woman, the most iconic female character of comic book history. The first and only movie about Wonder Woman, the most iconic female character of comic book history. The only character of the trinity that wasn’t adapted so many times in movies, like Superman and Batman, considering that this is the first and only movie about Wonder Woman, the most iconic female character of comic book history. Maybe I have to repeat one more time so everyone can understand why this movie is so successful. When Superman (1978) was released in cinema was a success. When Batman (1989) was released in cinema was a success. They also both won an Oscar. People don’t have a real idea of how Wonder Woman is, exept the ones who read comics. The normal movie goers didn’t know her story. This is a really important difference between WW and Superman or Batman. The fact that Superman is the most iconic and famous superhero of all time, doesn’t mean that is easy to adapt in a movie, because everyone has a diffrent view on Superman, it has been adapted since the 40s, like Batman. WW was only in a tv series almost 40 years ago. WW is a great movie, but in my opinion people likes this more than other DC films because is easy to understand, everyone can follow the story because is linear, maybe too much. I prefer movies with a more complicated structure where I have to think and not just be guide by the story. I rather like think and be challenged by a deep story. This movie is a way to play safe with all the critics, considering the fact that they aren’t smart at all. They like to be guided, they aren’t able to think or even understand. MoS and BvS are movies for smart people, this is for everyone.

    • CmputrBlu

      MoS and BvS are movies for smart people? Really? Is that how we defend those films? Critics and those that didn’t like them are stupid? I know I’m not stupid. MoS and BvS are films for people who like Snyder’s style of film making. Who think it was a good idea to start the DCEU with your #1 character trying to kill your #2. I won’t begrudge people’s tastes; but let’s not make those movies out to be more than they are.

      • GAB

        If this movies are good only for people who like Snyder’s vision and style, so every single movie ever made should be considered good only by the people who like that specific filmmaker style. So a movie made by any director should not considered good, if you don’t like is style. Or this apply only if there’s the name Snyder? This is an hypocritical affirmation typical of those who despise something specific. “are films for people who like Snyder’s style of film making”, this should apply to every single style of filmmaking. Or maybe Snyder is the only one that can be disliked and all the others kind of styles are right? Or maybe people judge things incoherently? Double standard? Who knows, so many mysteries in the human mind. Never said the word stupid, are you able to read? I said things differently, don’t pull out thing that are not there. Different words. I’ve also said things like “In my opinion” and “I prefer”. Where have you specified that you are relying on your opinion? “but let’s not make those movies out to be more than they are.” You just want to prevail, you have exposed more than one sentences trying to prevail with your opinion. Are opinions, like mine and the ones of everyone else. Based on your view, no one can really judge anything because everyone has preferences and they can dislike or like something based on the director and style. Only based on the comprehension of what you wrote, critics shouldn’t exist because every single being has preferences and taste and only people who like a specific style like that specific movie. Actually, with your assumption that people like this movies only if they like director’s style, you clearly admit that is all about prospectives and tastes, and so everything is subjective based on subjects and their point of view. This automatically means that anyone that want to criticized something will do with an already set mind, where they can like a director, but hate or dislike another one and so no one can judge becase everyone can be mislead by their own preferences. It’s easy to attack DC, but when someone says his opinion is defending something? I didn’t know that Verbum meum verum est absoluta. Good to know. “but let’s not make those movies out to be more than they are.” So what you think is right, but what others think is not right? This is hypocrisy, this even contradicts the way you think about preferences and subjectivity. If someone like this movies, they only like because of Snyder style but what you say you think is automatically right even if this contradicts the premise that a person is a subject with subjective opinions ergo no one can objectify anything subjective. I’ve also said that is my opinion, you’re basically judging some one opinions trying to prevale with yours. You have your taste as others, fine, don’t let this movies be less than they are.