Toby Emmerich Confirms Patty Jenkins is Returning for the Wonder Woman Sequel


Patty Jenkins returning to helm Wonder Woman 2 is a no brainer, but until now we had no confirmation, mainly because Warner Bros. did not sign her on for a multi-picture deal.

But now Toby Emmerich, the Chief Content Officer of Warner Bros., spoke about the success of Wonder Woman and confirmed that Patty Jenkins is working on the sequel and that it may still take place in the past.

Jenkins said a while back she’d like to make the sequel that took place in America and that it would take place in modern times, so it’s surprising to hear the change.

There will also be more Diana Prince. Emmerich says that Jenkins is already working on a “Wonder Woman” sequel. It won’t take place in World War I, as the first film did, but it will also likely be set in the past. “It will take place somewhere between 1917 and 2017,” Emmerich says coyly.

Source: Variety

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